John MacLeod

What a pleasure it has been for me to collaborate with you, Shahnaz, on the design and planting of the gardens of the Matunda Soy Baha’i temple project. 

Your vast experience and knowledge of the flowering trees, shrubs and perennials of Kenya, and of the conditions they require for optimal growth and beautiful, healthy presentation have enabled this Canadian grounded in North America by the pandemic to confidently entrust the preparation of these gardens to your care. 

You have demonstrated a passion for this work and deployed a level of energy that is normally granted only to much younger gardeners! It has been truly delightful to share your vision for these gardens and to collaborate with you through the stages of planning, design and planting. 

Now that the project has been officially inaugurated, I am counting on your expertise in assisting with recommendations for systematic care and maintenance of these gardens. We know full well that this is a critical stage, often neglected, upon which the long-term sustainability of gardens and their lasting beauty ultimately depend.

John MacLeod

Landscape Architect

Professor of Landscape Architecture (retired)

Université de Montréal

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