Landscaping Testimonials

What a pleasure it has been for me to collaborate with you, Shahnaz, on the design and planting of the gardens of the Matunda Soy Baha’i temple project. 

Your vast experience and knowledge of the flowering trees, shrubs and perennials of Kenya, and of the conditions they require for optimal growth and beautiful, healthy presentation have enabled this Canadian grounded in North America by the pandemic to confidently entrust the preparation of these gardens to your care. 

You have demonstrated a passion for this work and deployed a level of energy that is normally granted only to much younger gardeners! It has been truly delightful to share your vision for these gardens and to collaborate with you through the stages of planning, design and planting. 

Now that the project has been officially inaugurated, I am counting on your expertise in assisting with recommendations for systematic care and maintenance of these gardens. We know full well that this is a critical stage, often neglected, upon which the long-term sustainability of gardens and their lasting beauty ultimately depend.

John MacLeod

Landscape Architect

Professor of Landscape Architecture (retired)

Université de Montréal

John MacLeod

My husband and I are absolutely in love with our garden thanks to the dedication of Shahnaz. She puts so much love and vision into her work, and pays attention to not only ensuring the garden is beautiful and functional, but that also we have different plants blooming in different seasons. She even paid attention to the main areas of the house from where we’d view the garden to ensure each angle had something unique to offer. We appreciate the personalized touch and expertise of this experienced landscaper and the willingness to adjust to our budget for our garden. Thanks for everything you did. 

Nava Emilia

Nava Emilia

I always know where Blossoms Landscaping has been at work – the sense of proportion, tranquility and beauty are evident in every detail.

Vered Cohen

The love and care Shahnaz gives to her work, gardens and clients is unheard of. She goes out of her way to create beautiful gardens and takes pride in her creations. Her gardens are reflections of her peaceful soul.

Hamed Ehsani

Shahnaz did our garden and she is outstanding! Great service and outstanding vision!

Jalan Sahba

Shahnaz has a natural talent for creating beautiful gardens. Her passion for plants and flowers is expressed through the combination of colors she chooses and the beauty of the arrangement of the varied plants. I wish she could come and landscape our garden in China!

Elika Mahony

The landscaping along the road to Village Market has been done professionally and beautifully by this Blossom Landscaping. It would be great if other Malls in the city would have such pleasant landscaping done leading up to their entrances. Beautiful, colorful, inspirational, gorgeous! Well done!

Nastaran Sohaili

Shahnaz is one of the most hardworking individuals I know. She will do all in her power to translate what you imagine your garden to be into reality. And all with a beautiful and radiant smile on her face 🙂

Taraneh Navidi

Beautiful, colorful, inspirational, gorgeous!

Well done!

Jaleh Farokhy

I don’t know how she does it….it is completely transcendent.

Laura Musonye

From the start Shahnaz was easy to work with, prompt and transparent in her pricing and approach.

Peris Kihinga

SMEC Company

Wonderful landscaping and ideas for floral arrangements! I have seen These with my own eyes and they are stunning!

Mateen Fanaiyan

Blossom Landscaping excels in design and beauty in every respect of creating a space that epitomizes the perfection of the natural environment!

Pamela Douglas

I loooove Blossom’s flowers… The skills and love that go into making the floral works are simply out of this world. Great job Aunty Shahnaz. Always love your flowers.

Eduard Amaya

Shahnaz did our indoor and outdoor garden as well as helping us start a composting area. We were very pleased with the results. She has a creative mind for design, is highly professional and knowledgeable – I can’t recommend her enough.

Sewit Ahderdom

Shahnaz runs a very thorough and professional landscaping company. She is passionate about plants and creates masterpieces. She has cultivated beautiful bright, full and fresh lawn(s) and has great knowledge on indigenous flowering plants.

Shekoofeh Monadjem

Shahnaz’s caring and love for nature plus her organizational skills, knowledge of all kind of flowers, plants, and soil are added to her creativity to make her the best landscaper I got to know around Nairobi. A touch of her hands makes everything grow and blossom beautifully!

Mahvash Yazdani

Dear Shahnaz,
THANK You for my amazing garden & balcony re-modeling experience. Your decision & execution plans were to perfection. Your level of attention to detail in the selection of plants of varied colors, combined with the pride taken in the work, made for a spectacular finish! I am delighted to know you & deeply appreciate your dedication, time & effort in this project. ASANTE SANA to your humble, pleasant & helpful gardening Staff. It was a terrific experience for me. Many thanks!

Navina Vinayak